sábado, 19 de janeiro de 2013

A new book and 100,000 views!

In a previous post, I have commented that there are not many books in Portuguese on low carb or paleo diets.

So, it was good to know that "The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us about Weight Loss, Fitness, and Aging", by Arthur De Vany was translated into Portuguese. It is not considered by low carbers a reference book. But, according to Dr. José Carlos Souto, it is better than nothing. Dr. Couto says that you must ignore everything De Vany writes about fat.

The book is called, in Portuguese, A nova dieta da evolução:

Another good news was to know that the best blog on low-carb diets in Brazil has reached 100,000 views! You can see that there are many comments (more than 80) in this post, proving that low carb is growing in Brazil.

I have also discovered that Marcelo Hermes-Lima, a scientist and a professor in one of the biggest universities in Brazil, has tried a low-carb diet in 2009, losing more than 6 kg.  His blog is popular amongst scientists. I will ask him if he still follows the diet.

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