segunda-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2013

Two excellent news

The Diet Doctor blog mentioned a Brazilian documentary in this post:The Cause of Morbid Childhood Obesity. Dr. José Carlos Souto was the one who sent the link to Andreas Eenfeldt.

He wrote there:
"I am the one who sent the movie link to Dr. Eenfeldt. And I come from a fully low-carb / paleo perspective (I have translated Dr. Eenfeldt's recommendations to Portuguese in my blog, for example, so I am clearly not against fat in my food!). But I wholeheartedly agree with Ted Hutchinson, above. Yes, they do blame fat in some parts of the movie, but the main message is clearly bashing sugar and processed food. As I said in my (Portuguese) blog post, the fact that the movie director does not come from the paleo / lowcarb world and yet manages to hit the nail in the head (processed food and sugar) makes the documentary even more compelling. And some scenes speak for themselves: the kids that cannot name everyday real foods (because all they've eaten their whole lives was processed), the Nestle floating supermarket deep in the Amazon forest...
So yes, we still need to work on the fatphobia, but I maintain that everyone should see this movie - and feel angry about it."

The Primal Brasil Facebook page has achieved more than 1,000 likes:
Translation: There is nothing in the world more beautiful than gratitude

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